List of all villages in jhajha : jhajha is one of the tuluks/sub district in jamui district, bihar. Check all villages and those population and other

List of all villages in jhajha






      Kharhaia Urf Jamu





      Tola Agaria Kalan

      Tola Agaria Khurd

      Tola Algajara

      Tola Amakoli

      Tola Amjhari

      Tola Arpathal

      Tola Asta

      Tola Auria

      Tola Baijla

      Tola Bakhori Bathan

      Tola Balapanrar

      Tola Bangawan

      Tola Banjama

      Tola Barajor

      Tola Barakola

      Tola Baramasia

      Tola Baratanr

      Tola Baraundhia

      Tola Bastiyadih

      Tola Bathnabaran

      Tola Belatanr

      Tola Benibank

      Tola Bhelbindha

      Tola Bhikha

      Tola Bishunpur

      Tola Borwa

      Tola Burhiabari

      Tola Burhikhar

      Tola Burhnair

      Tola Chaukijor

      Tola Chhapa

      Tola Chilko

      Tola Chilko

      Tola Chiraiya

      Tola Chito Chak

      Tola Dahua

      Tola Damgitar

      Tola Dario

      Tola Datkichwa

      Tola Debiyadih

      Tola Depura

      Tola Dhabatia

      Tola Dhakio

      Tola Dhamana

      Tola Dhamma

      Tola Dhanukatari

      Tola Dhapri Kita

      Tola Dhawatanr

      Tola Dhobiakura

      Tola Dhonrari

      Tola Domai

      Tola Domakura

      Tola Dongajharna

      Tola Dudharwa

      Tola Dumarhar

      Tola Dumarmah

      Tola Dundwa

      Tola EKdara

      Tola Fatehpur

      Tola Fatehpur

      Tola Gadi Telwa

      Tola Gamharia

      Tola Gandeghat

      Tola Ghasitari

      Tola Ghontari

      Tola Ghormara

      Tola Ghorparan

      Tola Gobindpur

      Tola Godaia

      Tola Gonda

      Tola Gongakura

      Tola Gopalmaran

      Tola Goradamgi

      Tola Goriarwa

      Tola Hardia

      Tola Harhanja

      Tola Harna

      Tola Jamuni

      Tola Jiankura

      Tola Jinatbhandar

      Tola Jogiatila

      Tola Jurpania

      Tola Kabar Kalan

      Tola Kahbar khurd

      Tola Kakania

      Tola Kaljugaha

      Tola Kanan

      Tola Kanaudi

      Tola Kansajharna

      Tola Karhara

      Tola Karijhal

      Tola Karma

      Tola Karma

      Tola Karma

      Tola Karmatanr

      Tola Kathautia Kalan

      Tola Kathautia Kurd

      Tola Kauatol

      Tola kenuar

      Tola Kenuatanr

      Tola Khawa

      Tola Khoriparas

      Tola Khuranda

      Tola Khurandadhorari

      Tola kita Bat Bajra

      Tola Kita kashi Kund

      Tola kita khairan

      Tola kita Kusauna

      Tola kita Naua Kura

      Tola kita Naukadih

      Tola kita Situ Chak

      Tola Kubri

      Tola Kumhaini

      Tola Kusmha

      Tola Lalpairo

      Tola Lilabaran

      Tola Lohjara

      Tola Lohratari

      Tola Madhua

      Tola Mahapur

      Tola Majhiakura

      Tola Maniktham

      Tola Manikura

      Tola Mantari

      Tola Nagarwatari

      Tola Nagwe

      Tola Narganjo

      Tola Nathukura

      Tola Nauakura

      Tola Naugain

      Tola Nawadih

      Tola Pachkathia

      Tola Paijharna

      Tola Pananwa

      Tola Pandua

      Tola Pararia

      Tola Parasi

      Tola Pargaha

      Tola Parsatanr

      Tola Patao

      Tola Pathal Chapti

      Tola Patua

      Tola Phata

      Tola Phoksa

      Tola Pichani

      Tola Pidron

      Tola Pipra

      Tola Pipra

      Tola Porsil

      Tola Rajla Kalan

      Tola Rajla Khurd

      Tola Ramdih

      Tola Ramdih

      Tola Ranga Kalan

      Tola Ranga Khurd

      Tola Rupatari

      Tola Sabaijor

      Tola Sahia

      Tola Saraia

      Tola Satighat

      Tola Semarka

      Tola Siantanr

      Tola Sikardih

      Tola Simaltala

      Tola Siritanr

      Tola Sugwauran

      Tola Sundari

      Tola Tabhwa

      Tola Tara Kura Chhapa

      Tola Tara Kura Nawadih

      Tola Taraun

      Tola Tarkhangri

      Tola Teliadih

      Tola Telwa

      Tola Telwabazar

      Tola Tetaria Kalan

      Tola Tetaria Khurd

      Tola Thelpathal

      Tola Tilauna

      Tola Tilbaria

      Tola Tithi Chak

      Tola Tithichak

      Tola Tumbapahar

      Tola Ukharia

      Tola Ukharia

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